It's nice to see how things are made so here are a few images of the team making a 14 plus foot long walnut bar top. This beautiful fellow will live in Wisconsin in the private home of a very happy homeowner.

Wood bar top being cut to size Here we're preparing two smaller walnut slabs to be glued together to form the full size radius slab.

Final glue of the wood bar top. The final shape of the bar is realized. You can see the glue joint at the top of the radius showing where we glued to to smaller slabs together.

Wood bar top being hand sanded.

Sanding is always a big part of making a wood countertop and requires more skill than you would think if a nice finish is to be achieved. For much of it we use a simple 5" random orbit sander.

This team member is busy hand sanding the ornate edge profile.

Wood bar top is finished but needs final sanding. The bar is in the finishing room after much prep work. It's been given 2 coats of finish on the bottom and 3 coats on the top.

View of bar top down the profile. This really is a lovely edge profile. Not for everyone but when the decor is right it makes a statement.

Walnut wood bar top. I wanted to show how we've stopped the edge profile route. This customer didn't want the decorative edge on the inside or bar tender side, just the "customer side". At J. Aaron we like to use stop routes around farmhouse sink cutouts as well. Others will just run the profile around the sink cutout but we find it hard to clean on a daily basis.

Wood bar top being wet sanded to give it a smooth texture. Wet sanding the bar top's finish gives it a very smooth texture.

Final look of custom wood bar top. She's ready to head up north. It's been a nice project and we're all very happy with the outcome. This top will hopefully serve many a libation to the owners family and fiends.