Making Custom Wood Countertops & Butcher Block Tops since 2001

Custom Wood Surfaces Built For Water And Hard Work

At J. Aaron we make beautifully crafted wood surfaces that are designed to look good but also work hard. They WILL NOT react to water and DO NOT need babied. Go at them with everything you’ve got, they’ll be just fine.

With J. Aaron You Get:

  • A complete line of fully custom wood countertops, butcher block tops and table tops.
  • A material that beautifully complements stone and any other surface in the space.
  • Nationwide shipping with 3rd party insurance.
  • Local Atlanta area measure & install.
  • A wide range of wood species to choose from.
  • Excellent value with a lifetime warranty.

Design Options Available To You

There are many options to pick from when it comes to wood countertops. Wood species, thickness, construction styles, edge profiles, finish, textures, knife slots or no knife slots! They can overwhelm at first glance. We’re going to simplify this process of selection by breaking it down into five steps. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Pick The Species

This is simply choosing what wood you like the look of. Is it a dark walnut or maybe a reddish mahogany. By visiting our Wood Species page you’ll start to learn more about the woods you do and don’t like. Don’t worry about picking “The One” right now, just take a look and see if anything jumps out at you.

Step 2: Chose A Thickness

We make wood tops from 1-1/4″ up to 5-1/2″ thick. When designing a top that’s larger a thicker top is usually recommended but it all comes down to preference and budget. Our most common thickness in the plank style construction is 1-5/8″ and 1-3/4″ for the edge grain. 

Step 3: Pick A Construction Style

Because there are no boards in the world wide enough to make a wood countertop out of just one board we use several boards glued together to make up the width. There are two ways we do it, each with its own look. These are the construction styles.

Step 4: Pick An Edge Profile

All countertops have visible edges and we offer several choices for you, the designer, to pick from. Square and simple, large and ornate or just something to add a little detail. They’re all here on our Edge Profiles page so have some fun picking one or two you like.

Step 5: Pick A Sealer

There are two sealer options available for our wood countertops. They both do a great job of sealing the wood but in different ways and each with a different look and feel. Learn all about it by visiting our wood countertop sealers page.

That’s it for the main building blocks of a wood countertop. There are more fun features to pick from so if you’re up to it head on over to our Design Options page and check them all out.

In Stock Remnant Slabs

Because we are a fully custom shop we have many over ordered and remnants boards which we turn into slabs. These are all one off’s and available for immediate use in a countertop or table top order or shipment as is to be used in a DIY project. Visit our remnant slab store to see all we have. 


Yes it is. There are guidelines for installing gas ranges for all countertops and those guidelines are the same for wood countertops and butcher block tops. Follow those and everything will work very nicely. They can be found in your installation manual for the range.

In this time of constricted budgets we find that many homeowners and trade professionals alike want to know how much a wood countertop or butcher block costs when compared to stone or other material. The simple answer is, it can vary.

That’s a very frustrating answer to a straightforward question, we know. For example if you asked your mechanic how much to fix my car with no other information it would be difficult to estimate because there are so many variables to consider. The best way to find out is to call us at 866-583-4200 or go to our Get A Quote page and fill out the short form. We’re usually very quick to turn your quote around and then you’ll know exactly where you stand.

Ways to save money when ordering a wood countertop.

  • We offer tops that are made from mostly 3/4″ thick material with added built up edges to give you a thicker look. They are just as durable and if you don’t know how it’s made you can’t tell it’s not solid. The down side to this is the labor so it provides a great value for larger tops but can actually cost more for smaller tops.
  • You can measure and install the top yourself. Check out the video below to see how easy it is.
  • If you’re ready to take on more of a project you can order a DIY wood countertop. Learn how to finish a DIY wood countertop.

Many people ask us how durable are wood countertops are?  To answer this completely we need to include scratch resistance, impact resistance, stain resistance and water resistance. When you think about it, a kitchen countertop has to deal with a lot in an average day. Having a sink in the top adds to the potential issues.

Lets break this down and deal with the elements of the question individually.

Scratch Resistance Of Wood Countertops

Scratch resistance of a wood countertop is determined by a couple of things. If the wood is sealed with a sealer like the Monocoat, it’s only as scratch resistant as the wood itself. Because Monocoat is an oil finish that is absorbed by the wood it doesn’t have a “shell” that protects against scratching. It can, however, easily be re-oiled occasionally to maintain its water barrier.

If a topical sealer like conversion varnish or polyurethane is used the scratch resistance goes up significantly. Still not as resistant as stone, but if you do get a scratch it’s easy to repair with products like Howard Restor A Finish.

Impact Resistance Of Wood Countertops

Impact resistance is much the same as scratch resistance, in that a top sealed with a penetrating oil will only be as hard as the wood. You can find ratings on woods’ hardness here. Topical sealers will greatly improve this rating by penetrating the woods fibers, hardening and thus reinforcing the wood.

Stain & Water Resistance Of Wood Countertops

Stain and water resistance go hand in hand and are both dependent on the sealer used. The glue used also plays a role in water resistance.Topical sealers will always perform the best for this. Older topical sealers would occasionally peel, allow water rings to appear or, in some cases, completely smother the woods natural texture. New technology has solved those problems. At J. Aaron we use a high quality polyurethane that soaks deep into the wood’s fibers and literally becomes part of the wood. There is nothing that can make them peel, they will never be affected by water or any other common household liquid and do not smother the natural texture of the wood. There are some solvents you need to be careful of. Acetone which is present in fingernail polish remover, is one of these. Penetrating oils like tung-oil and Monocoat are great sealers as well, but don’t have quite the protective qualities as a good topical sealer. The Monocoat is superior to tung-oil. At J. Aaron we’re completely confident in it to provide a very good seal even on countertops with undermount sinks.


Wood is not as hard as granite or quartz countertops. That’s part of its character. If you want your kitchen or bathroom countertop to look the same 5-10 years from now you do not want wood, or marble or stainless steel for that matter. Wood is unique in that blemishes form a patina. Like a leather chair, wood countertops gain character as they grow older. Time and use adds rather than subtracts from their overall appearance. Enjoy the process and don’t worry about small nicks and scratches.

Yes. Our countertops are sealed to protect them against water damage.

You may if your surface is sealed with mineral oil. Chopping and cutting food directly on a wood counter with other sealers isn’t recommended.

They can warp at times due to changes in the humidity levels. This is not a problem if you follow recommended installation directions.

No. There is no good evidence that wood harbors more bacteria than plastic. There is evidence that many woods actually kill bacteria. Have you visited a real butcher shop of late? Do you see the butcher cutting the choice pieces of meat on granite or stone? No, the butcher uses what his profession has used for centuries – wood – butcher block. And his health inspection certificate behind his counter verifies the ease of clean up and disinfecting.

Customer Testimonials

The tops arrived and they look beautiful and fit perfectly.

The client loves them, in fact, they want to remove a new marble top and replace it with the same wood.

We’ll be in touch about that top. We will send you pictures once the tops are installed completely.


Lisa and Gary

Gary & Lisa

Hi Josh: Been really busy but wanted to drop and quick note to you regarding the unbelievably gorgeous countertop that you built for us. That was the heaviest thing I’ve ever lifted but we got it trimmed and installed Saturday. We have been admiring it ever since!! My kids are just thrilled and Dad is a hero for taking on the project and doing away with their beloved dining room!

Couldn’t be happier. I’ll write a review on your site and have a couple questions for you regarding caring for this work of art. More later.


P.S.– I am glad you suggested the hickory…beautiful.


I just thought I’d let you know that the island top arrived today. It is stunning! To have such a warm, well executed feature amid the white, stainless, and stone is absolutely perfect! I love that it adds such an organic quality to the kitchen. I also love the price, lead times, an terrific people you have working at J Aaron! I am so incredibly pleased! By the way- I rarely write notes like this. I’ll send a picture next.

Thank you!



I recently worked with J. Aaron LLC to make a custom butcher block counter top for a client of mine and was very pleased with the product and the customer service! The wood piece showed beautiful craftsmanship and really added to the look of our island. I will work with this company on future projects and would certainly recommend them to you. Thank you from Belle Maison Living at

We have ordered multiple wood tops from J.Aaron. Everything was processed in a timely manner. They did what they said they would do. Josh has been a pleasure to work with, great company.

J.Aaron LLC recently made me a Hard Maple butcher block counter top 2″ thick. by 27″deep by 37″ wide. From time of order to delivery at my doorstep was very quick. The quality of he Top is excellent. I would strongly recommend his services to my children and my grand children, and to all of my close friends.



We received the countertop today. It’s gorgeous. Will be counting down the days until it gets installed.

Thanks again.


I have used J. Aaron wood counter-tops for several customers over the past seven years and every one of them have been pleased with the product and service provided to them. J. Aaron is my only source of woods tops!

When we began our kitchen remodel, we decided we want to have an island that really set the kitchen apart.  After considering a lot of ideas, we elected to go with a walnut counter top.  They are very beautiful and really make your kitchen distinctive.  We shopped around and liked the looks of those made by J. Aarons, but wanted to see their work.  Living in Birmingham, we arranged to visit their shop on a Saturday.  Normally, they are closed, but agreed to meet us to show their work.  They do not have a show room, but they had enough work in progress that we could see the end product.

After commissioning the countertop, they completed their work in a couple of weeks as scheduled.  The install was easy and the result is beautiful.  Before we had an island with a Corian top that measured 62” by 38”.  The new top is 62” by 68”.  We now eat most meals at the island.

Debra and Joshua were a pleasure to work with delivered just as promised.

Wayne, Your Content Goes Here

We work hard to earn your business and want to keep it. We’re not perfect but we WILL do our best for you.

Now With A Transferable LIFETIME Warranty

At J. Aaron we make the finest wood countertops and butcher block countertops available anywhere. Our process is proven. Our materials are the best. Our people love what they do and stand by it. So starting in 2017 we are offering a transferable LIFETIME warranty to prove our tops are the finest in the industry.

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