At J. Aaron we design killer custom wood countertops and butcher block tops then build them to last a lifetime

Why Work With J. Aaron?

Lot’s of reasons but here are two big ones.

Transferable LIFETIME Warranty

At J. Aaron we make the finest wood countertops and butcher block countertops available anywhere. Our process is proven. Our materials are the best. Our people love what they do and stand by it. So starting in 2017 we are offering a transferable LIFETIME warranty to prove our tops are the finest in the industry.

Re-Order At 75% Off

We have many safeguards in place to stop mistakes from happening but if one does happen and it’s your fault the top can be re-ordered at up to 75% off. This covers the cost of raw materials but we’ll do the work for free. Of course if it’s our fault there is no charge AT ALL for a replacement.

Give & Save

At J. Aaron we want to give back. Donate to any one of these charities and we will deduct your donation of up to $200 off your order.

All the charities below are A+ rated by CharityWatch.
Learn all the details here.