Wood and water, what a great combination. Lots of people have concerns about the compatibility of these two but as we’ve said in this blog before, the secret is the sealer. Do the job right and there’s no reason for worry. After all, for thousands of years wood was the material of choice for boat building. Everything for tiny fishing boats to Viking long ships and the galleons of the Spanish conquistadors were made of wood. Even a couple of kids and a careless spouse can’t be as destructive as the North Atlantic and a few ton of barnacles.

A modern bathroom is a great place to use a wood vanity. Under sinks, as shower benches or anywhere else you like, it’s a durable and sustainable material. If you love the look and feel of fine hardwood don’t be scared off by a little water.

Today I wanted to indulge in some eye candy in the form of unusual sinks and wood vanity tops. I can type for hours and never convey the impact of a few good photos. I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I did posting them.


Vessel sinks are easy to install, simple to clean around and really work to show off the beauty of the wood vanity tops they occupy.

Wood vanity and vessel sink.

Rich color and lots of texture give this vessel sink and wood vanity an exotic feel. (Photo by Craft -Art)

Two glass sinks on wood vanity

From the saturated values and mystic aura of the East to the clean lines of a Scandinavian aesthetic, wood is a unifying element.


Wood vanity top with white vessel sinks and barrel mirrors

Exotic, contemporary or modern country, a wood vanity look great in many decors.

Another sink style is the under mounted sink. This is popular in wood vanity tops for its understated compliment to the wood.

White sink in wood vanity

Simple lines and value contrasts give this under mouted sink and pale wood vanity a spa like quality.


White sink in dark wood vanity

This dark and handsome wood vanity top is paired perfectly with extra volume sleek white sink and bold contemporary faucet.

Drop in sinks were the standard vanity fare for years. They’re definitely not the boring little bowls they once were. Updated designs and materials create a completely new range of options.

Steel vanity sinks in wood top

No need to give up great looks with drop ins. These lovely steel sinks are beautiful in the wood top.


Stone vanity sink

Structurally similar to the old standby, this drop in sink is done in stone and is a perfect pairing with the deep mellow wood of the vanity top.

Stone drop in sink with wood vanity top

The sculptural quality of a drop in sink like this is a lovely addition to a utilitarian area.

The choices are wide open if you want to incorporate some wood in your bathroom. It’s a welcome counterpoint to the traditional hard surfaces of glass, porcelain and metal. Organic and always warm to the touch, wood is classic as well as practical. Add the fact that it’s sustainable and lends itself to endless design options and wood is definitely a viable option as a bathroom material.

Wood bathrooom sink

If you just want to stick with wood all the way you might like this option of a one piece wooden vanity top.