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Custom DIY wood countertop from an actual project

Actual customer project. Check out the full blog post here.

By ordering a DIY wood countertop your ordering a custom J. Aaron countertop with all the same options available on our fully finished wood counters but the finish sanding and sealing is done by you. You’ll save big and you’ll have a great DIY home project you can enjoy with friends and family.

What We Do:

  • We get the wood slab flat and sanded to 220 grit.
  • We cut your countertop to desired finished size and shape.
  • We cut all openings including sink, range, faucet holes, etc.
  • We route the edge profile if you'd like one.

What You Do:

  • You finish sand the top (go up to 280 grit) using a random orbit sander. Note: Tops wider than 50" can not go through our big sanders so there's a little more sanding work required due to a secondary glue stage.
  • You sand the sides and edge profile if there is one.
  • You seal the top and bottom.
  • You install the countertop.

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