At J. Aaron we make our wood countertops to last a lifetime by using perfectly prepared wood, the highest quality equipment specifically designed for wood slab production, specially blended water resistant wood glues and sealers that will protect your investment from the daily trials of use. These along with a culture of constant training and improvement make our countertops some of the finest in the world. We back this all up by a lifetime warranty. So, what can we make for you?

Wood Species We Offer

All of our wood countertops are custom made to order pieces. We work with many woods including:

  • Walnut (black walnut)
  • Rustic walnut (more color & character)
  • White oak
  • Quarter sawn white oak
  • Rustic white oak (more color & character)
  • Cherry
  • Sapele
  • Reclaimed woods
  • Hickory
  • Rustic hickory (more color & character)
  • Ash
  • Poplar (stain grade)

Edge Grain Hickory Countertop Thumbnail

Hickory Countertops ($$$)

Belita Weathered Countertop Thumbnail

Weathered White Oak Countertops($$$)

Edge Grain Walnut Countertop Thumbnail

Walnut Countertops ($$$)

Edge Grain Sapele Mahogany Countertop Thumbnail

Sapele Countertops ($$)

Edge Grain Hard Maple Countertop Thumbnail

Hard Maple Countertops ($$)

Plank Cherry Countertop Thumbnail

Cherry Countertops($$)

Wood Countertop Sizes

We’ve made tops as big as 144″ by 144″. Huge tops as big as some smaller kitchens. A couple of things to consider are:

  • Will it fit through the door. Yes, we’ve had one or two that wouldn’t so we had to do the final assembly, sanding and finishing on top of the cabinets in the home.
  • Will it make the turns needed. We’ve done tops 16′ and over but you have to make sure there are no sharp corners that need to be navigated.

Thickness Availability 

For this it depends on the construction style.

Plank style tops (see construction styles) for the most part max out at 1-5/8″ thick but there are a few species that can be found thicker. Walnut, hard maple and sapele can be sourced up to 2-1/4″ thick. For a thicker look we have to add a built up edge. This can make them look as thick as you wish. 

Edge grain tops can all be made up to 5-1/2″ thick. 

Lead Times

As with anything of this nature they are longer than a standard product. Typically we run between 4-5 weeks for fully finished countertops, 2-3 weeks for DIY countertops, and 3-5 days for our countertop slabs. This can change if the project is large or if the wood being used is not available currently. 

Rush Orders

We can rush an order for a 10% rush fee. We’re not trying to take advantage of your situation but rush projects put a strain on us and usually require overtime for the fabricators. Check out our remnant slabs or consider using one of our premium unfinished slabs to avoid a rush fee.

Wood Countertop Prices

Pricing will depend on wood used, the construction style, the thickness, features, etc. The best thing to do is get a quote. We turn them around in one day or less an then you can know for sure.