Wood counters in a small kitchen.

Clever use of every inch in this unusual shaped space and the use of wood counters makes every inch count as versatile and functional.

Not everyone can accommodate an kitchen island large enough for a small dance floor or sixty linear feet of perimeter cabinets. If space is a premium, it's obvious that all the area available has to be utilized completely. In that situation the use of multiple countertop materials may not be either practical or even desirable from a design standpoint.

Granite and other stones aren't suitable for food prep that involves direct chopping. They dull knives almost instantly in addition to being damaged in the process. Synthetic materials have some of the same issues. Wood is user friendly in so many ways. If the correct sealer is used it can be used for chopping, rolling dough and every other kitchen chore in the book.

Wood counters and shelving in small kitchen.

Wood shelving and counters give this tiny kitchen lots of function and a fresh look.

One thing that makes wood counters unique is the way they age gracefully and gain character through use. Especially if sealed with an oil or wax as opposed to a varnish sealer, wood wears all the little dings and dents like a grand old lady wears her good jewelry.

Small kitchen with wood counters.

In this small area every inch has to count. The small wood counter is a hint of color and life in the black and white.

This tiny space is charming and as functional as possible. No room for designated areas here so all the space has to used.

Small spaces have issues with clutter. Lots of different materials can become visual clutter and a kitchen is especially prone to this. Keeping the color scheme simple and limiting the textures will make for a more spacious appearance.

Small kitchen.

Little more than the size of a closet, this little kitchen makes use of wood to provide storage and a work surface. The cubical construction and a couple of shots of color make it fun.

Rustic tiny kitchen.

From contemporary to a bit of Middle Earth, wood is a classic element that works hard where ever it's placed.

In a very small space everything is in line for up close viewing. There isn't a lot of anything so rather than dazzle with size use the most beautiful and luxurious material you can. Invest in quality as quantity isn't an option.

Small kitchen with wood countertop.

With only this much work area, a wood countertop between the sink and stove eliminates the need for a cutting board and makes food prep simple.

Wood is known to have antibacterial factors and is proven to be as safe and sanitary as other cutting surfaces like plastic. So using your countertop for actual food prep is a great way to make the best use of limited space.

Small kitchen.

This small minimalist kitchen would be positively bleak without the touch of wood. Beautiful as well as practical.

Small kitchen with wood countertops.

Another small space with very basic materials gets a boost of warmth and character with wood countertops.

It can be a blessing in disguise to be able to reach anything in the kitchen in a step or two. Just imagine all the time you won't be polishing that bowling alley sized island top that looks so great in photos. Use the best material you can and enjoy having a space that works hard for you while looking good. Happiness is definitely an appreciation of the smaller things in life.