Tiny wood island in white kitchen.

Tell me if this small island isn't the most interesting feature in this beautiful kitchen.

White kitchens are as classic as it gets. Light and fresh and inviting at their best. A beautiful blank canvas to create upon. Blank can be the operative word. Adding a touch of wood to the pristine white landscape of some of these kitchens is like adding a focal point to a painting.

This post is mostly photos. You know how many words it takes to equal one good picture. Just scroll through and see if you agree that some gorgeous white kitchens are improved with a gorgeous wood countertop.

White on white kitchen.

White on white on white seems to float in space.

Sink in a wood countertop

White on white again but the mahogany countertop gives the sink a visual anchor.

Wood countertop with a sink.

This rich wood countertop creates a strong horizontal line and sets the stage for the collection of copper jugs to accent the surrounding white.

White kitchen with checkerboard floor.

Even with the beautiful architectural details this kitchen is a bit cold. Great floor though. It has become the visual focal point of the room

Wood island top in white kitchen,

Here the wood island top creates a visual landing spot in the room and centers the composition. Imagine a white island top and see if the result is as appealing.

Al white modern kitchen.

This is positively glacial. I'd want to reach for a sweater before I ventured in for a glass of water.

White kitchen with wood countertops.

Clean and modern but not icy.

Small wood island in white kitchen.

Just a touch of wood brings a spark of life to this modern white lacquer kitchen.


What a striking statement this live edge teak wood countertop makes to the featureless white background.

No one loves a white kitchen more than I do. A rich wood countertop is like chocolate on the wedding cake.