It's not unusual for us to make a large kitchen island for someone during the course of any given week. This one is a beast though at 180" long by 65" wide and 2-1/2" thick. It's walnut butcher block with our Arno edge profile, distressing and Monocoat oil finish.


It's right side up here but we haven't completed any of the finishing touches yet. It has to be edge profiled, sanded, distressed and finished. Lots of work to do.

Side note: This is how a DIY top would look coming from us. The blank countertop is cut to size and ready to add all the details too. We'd also have cut the edge profile if you were having one. Read our blog post on how to distress like a pro if you'd like to do one yourself.

This Large Kitchen Island Is Done!

Jump ahead and this monster is ready to ship out. The edge profile has been added along with the distressing. 

Detail of the edge profile on a large kitchen island

The opening is for a slide in range. We stop the profile short so there's a nice interaction with the range. If the profile is carried all the way across it can look awkward and unprofessional.

Close up of edge profile applied to a large kitchen island we made for a customer.

The Arno edge profile is a popular one for these large kitchen island tops.

Custom walnut butcher block kitchen island top.

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