At J. Aaron we strive to make every project the best we’ve ever done. With wood, though, there are a few things you as a customer need to be aware of.

First and foremost solid wood surfaces are NOT made of plywood and thus have different properties. Comparing a solid wood surface to a laminated surface like a dining room table top is like comparing hardwood floors to carpeted floors. They are both flat surfaces meant for walking on but that’s where the similarity ends.


The sample you’ve selected is representative of the finished product but IS NOT an exact match. This includes custom color stains and our weathered finishes. Keep an open mind.


This is a bit of a gray area. One person’s character mark can be another person’s flaw. At J. Aaron we are all very knowledgeable of wood and consider ourselves experts in the field. By hiring us to make your wood surface you’re trusting us to make you a great piece you and your family can be truly proud of.

Glue Joints

Seams can, at times be felt. This happens because wood shrinks on a very small scale due to changes in its environment. The wood shrinks but the glue itself does not allowing you to feel the glue line. This is not a structural issue and tends to go away when the environment’s moisture content increases.


Wood comes with a certain degree of knots. We do our very best to remove, (or keep if requested), them but we cannot eliminate them. Some woods are clearer than others like hard maple, jatoba and ash. Others, most notably walnut, will have a few, but rarely larger than a dime and always smooth and structurally sound.

The Production Drawing

The production drawing is exactly what will be produced and supersedes ALL verbal and written communication regarding the production of your order, even the written description on your quote. It must be approved in its entirety before your order can be cut.

Special Finishes / Textures

Specialty options like distressing are art forms. It is important to know that by choosing these you are hiring us to do what WE feel is correct. We have a saying here that it is impossible to make something perfectly imperfect. Keep an open mind when it comes to these and don’t assume the finished top will match a 5”x7” sample.

Thickness Of Slab

Though we strive for perfection we are working with wood and require a 1/8” tolerance in slab thickness. An example would be a top ordered at 1-3/4” thick can actually be 1-5/8” thick. This tolerance is always in the negative, it will never be thicker than ordered.

Preparation / Installation

Layout and design of the cabinets or other support is important. Ideally a wood countertop should be screwed down on all four corners in a fashion that does not allow for upward motion but does allow horizontal movement to accommodate expansion/contraction. The wider the top the more important this becomes as the potential for curling/cupping increases. If the cabinet layout simply does not allow for this you must let us know so we can include steel reinforcing to act as a backbone keeping the top from upward motion in the form of cupping.

Proper installation is a must. Visit for full installation instructions.

Expansion / Contraction

Wood will expand and contract depending on the water content in the air. Air conditioning and heating will dry the air but at different rates. Plank style and edge grain construction will only change in width, not length, assuming the boards run in the long direction. End grain construction will change in both directions.


All shipments are FOB Scottdale, GA. Shipments are sent pre-paid and will be added to the invoice. Once the shipment is received by the freight company the product becomes the sole property of the customer who takes full risk for all loss or damage incurred during transportation. All claims of damage or loss must be made by the customer against the freight company. J. Aaron LLC is not responsible for any damage, visible or not.

Aaron will quote the S&H prior to the order being placed. This is based on delivery to a commercial address with a dock high. This is only an estimate. The costs may exceed the estimate resulting in a higher cost to the buyer. J. Aaron is not responsible for these added fees.