Standard Perimeter Wood Countertops (25-1/2″ deep) or Less

To adequately support this depth range you’ll need good cabinet boxes with plywood countertop supports. Plastic tabs are not ideal but if you do have plastic tabs we recommend using “Heavy Duty Offset Leg Corner Braces”. Just Google it and you’ll find several places to buy them. Set them about 1/2″ below the top of your cabinets so there is space between the bracket and the countertop bottom. This will allow the screw to change its angle to accommodate the wood’s natural expansion/contraction. 

Kitchen Cabinet Box


The same protocols should be followed for this type of wood countertop as the perimeter tops. We will automatically include internal support as well to ensure the top stays flat and stable.

Kitchen Island Tops WITH EAT AT OVERHANG

In this case you’ll want to add some support to the overhang so the top doesn’t get bouncy. We will automatically add the internal support needed to keep the top flat. Brackets, traditional or hidden, are a good choice here. For hidden eat at island support brackets we highly recommend Centerline Brackets. They make a great product and have very good customer service. When you order them make sure they end 2″ back from the edge of the coutertop and have them drill a 1/2″ diameter hole at the end for screwing the top down.  

Tops With Long Gaps In-Between Support

Wood countertops can be unsupported for long distances with no worry of breaking or sagging. A situation like a desk top with 60″-80″ open in the middle and only two cabinets at each end is perfectly fine. You can even go further than that with no issues other than a possibility the center area will be a bit bouncy. In cases like that a wall cleat helps a lot. 

Bar Tops

Bar tops are typically 16″-18″ wide with no real need for internal support though you will need to keep them physically in place. For that brackets are best and by that I mean the type you can see. They are best because you can put the top on the wall, level it via a temporary support like a 2×4 then mount your brackets. Hidden brackets can be used but just make sure the wall is VERY flat or it just won’t work. If you do opt for hidden brackets we again recommend the guys at Centerline.  

Once the top is in place simply screw it down if possible. If access to good screw spots are not available use a flexible glue like silicone.

For help in designing the support for your wood countertop please contact us. We’re always happy to assist.