Smaller tops can be shipped via UPS or FedEx and will be delivered to your door. Larger tops will be shipped by common carrier. These companies are also able to deliver to your home if need be but it's necessary to be on hand for delivery and provide at least one person to help the driver off load the crate. The truck will be provided with a lift gate so this assistance isn't so much about lifting as about helping to steady the crate and generally lending a hand to the driver as he will be alone. 

If you have a cabinet shop or other contractor involved in the project it's very possible they will take delivery of your top and bring it to your location which can be a time saver.
Don't be intimidated by delivery. If your have any questions or concerns about this or feel you will need more help than the basic driver delivery please be in touch. Give us a call or drop an email and we'll help sort out the details.

Shipment Damage

It doesn't happen often but there is a slight chance of damage during shipping. Your top is fully insured by a third party insurer during transit and until you sign off on the delivery. For this reason we ask that you have a good look at the wooden crate the top is shipped in for any obvious damage when it arrives. Built to size for each top, these crates are designed to be extremely solid and protective. It's unlikely that there could be damage to the top itself without the crate showing damage as well. If there is any visible damage please note it on the delivery documents the driver will have and also see that he signs the notation and provides you with a copy. Photos are great to have as well. 
If there is significant damage refuse the shipment, again making note of the reason and taking photos if possible. Have the driver sign these notes. Full replacement will be covered by the insurance. 
If possible you can open the damaged crate and see what the situation is with the top inside. It may be that the crate protected the top or allowed for only small superficial damage that can easily be repaired at your end. If this is the case note the damage and accept the crate, once again having the driver sign the notes on his delivery documents. The cost of the repairs will be covered by the insurance. 
There is very little chance that any of this will materialize but we do want you to have the information on how to handle a damaged shipment should it happen.