What Do Wood Countertops Cost?

  • Fully finished wood tops start around $80 per square foot before things like S&H and/or install. This would be for woods like hard maple, red oak, beech and cherry. Hickory, walnut, sapele, white oak and some others start at around $120 per square foot before S&H and/or install.
  • DIY wood countertops (tops which are fully cut out with sinks holes, etc.) will save 30%-40% and are perfect for a cabinet shop or handy homeowner. One note here is that they do NOT come with our lifetime warranty.
  • Our premium wood slabs come with the best price point but are just slabs that will need cut to size. These are perfect for a cabinet shop, dry countertop shop, builder, or even a very handy homeowner. Like the DIY wood countertops our premium wood slabs do not come with our lifetime warranty.

Purchasing Information

Our custom wood countertops and butcher blocks are made just outside Atlanta, GA but sold throughout the USA. Our products are made available to dealers, tradesmen and homeowners alike. In areas we have established retail partners your quote request will be referred to them. In areas we are not partnered with a retailer homeowners are welcome to purchase directly from us.

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