We know ordering something like a wood countertop online can be a bit daunting so we work hard to make the process as simple as possible. To get started we need to get you a quote.

Getting A Quote

There are several things that go into the cost of a wood countertop. Wood species, thickness, construction style, edge profile, finish, field joints, etc. All affect the price. The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our get a quote page. It’ll walk you through all the options so you don’t forget anything.

Placing An Order

Once you’ve got your written quote and find it agreeable it’s time to get your top on order. We have two forms to get this accomplished. A new customer form and a past customer form. The past customer version cuts out some of the ship to/bill to info if it’s the same as your previous order. Just like the get a quote form the place an order forms help eliminate any missed information like accounts payable contact, ship to contact, etc.

There'll be some paperwork, drawings, deposit request, etc. at this point but we'll take the lead on these. After all the "stuff" is in we try to get orders out in 2.5-3 weeks depending on the overall scope of work.