Modern kitchen designs tend to use very smooth and clean materials that don't have any texture. Typically the cabinets are a smooth laminate product with stone or solid surface countertops everywhere. By adding just one piece of real wood the space takes on a warmth that can change the space from cold and clinical to warm and inviting.

Hand Hewn Walnut Kitchen Island

This hand hewn walnut kitchen island top is a great example of adding an element with a real tactile texture via the hand scrapped surface. A piece like this in a modern kitchen design juxtaposed with the smooth laminates and stone surfaces brings life to the space.

White oak bartop in a modern kitchen with black cabinets

This thick white oak counter height bar top is another example of adding wood to a very contemporary design.

Walnut butcher block island in a modern kitchen design

Walnut Kitchen Island Top

Walnut countertop with sink and faucet

Though this kitchen isn't strictly in the modern kitchen design family it does have enough elements that we wanted to included it. Hopefully those reading this with an eye to design can see the potential for a wood island top like this in a contemporary kitchen space.

Custom Walnut Bar Top

Wanlut Bar Top

This very unique raised bar design isn't as front and center as the full size islands shown earlier but it's enough. Again you can see that modern kitchen design elements alone can be a bit stark. In this case the flooring and stool backs are natural wood which pulls the design together.

At J. Aaron we focus on wood countertops and we hope you'll consider using one of our custom tops for your project. Some other great places for inspiration is Pinterest and Instagram. Happy hunting.