This is a wonderful walnut kitchen island with waterfall ends we did with Beth Kooby Design. We all think it came out pretty darn nice.

So everyone knows exactly what it is we'll list the specs.

  • Wood: Walnut
  • Construction Style: Edge Grain
  • Finish: Satin Conversion Varnish A walnut kitchen island

What is a waterfall end?

A waterfall end can be on one or both sides of an island or peninsula. It forms the support for the countertop. We make ours using a 45 degree miter joint, not a butt joint.

We ship our tops fully assembled and ready to install so once it arrives it's literally a one hour job to get it in place. Maybe two if you have a sink.

Large butcher block countertop

A giant in production. This 3" thick maple butcher block kitchen island with waterfall end is truly a show stopper. We didn't get to see the home it went into but we're pretty sure it was amazing.

Walnut kitchen island with waterfall end

Take a look at that tight miter joint construction. It's not just pretty, we reinforce it with wood dowels to ensure it lasts a lifetime.


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