Most of us spend a big share of our home time in the kitchen. We’re either the act or the audience, cooking or visiting the cook. Pets want to be with their people every moment and like to spend time with us there. Here are some clever ideas for making that kitchen island, the center of activity, a comfortable spot for the whole family, furry kids too.

Dog in a bed under a kitchen island.

Keeping out of the way while at the heart of the activity, this little guy enjoys his “island retreat.”

Dog dishes in a ditchen island.

How many times have I stepped in the dog’s water or kicked his food all over the kitchen floor? Here’s the remedy.

Everybody in the kitchen wants to share in the meal. The owner of this island has added a great feature to get the pets’ food and water tidy and out of the way. The deep drawer could be a place for pet supplies.

Kitchens are made for family gatherings. Some family members are hairier than others but that’s no reason they shouldn’t have their special place there with the rest of us.