Key Things To Know About Wood Countertops

It’s important to know these key properties of wood countertops. This is good information that is consistent with all solid wood countertops no matter who manufactures them.

  • Wood countertops are made from trees, obviously the color, texture, character and grain WILL vary from the sample and any photographs. In some cases the final product can vary quite a bit.
  • Distressing is an art form and WILL vary from the sample and or photograph. Be aware that each top will be different and have markings that may or may not be present in the sample.
  • It is a myth that wood harbors bacteria. Many studies have been done to 100% refute that thought.
  • Small cracks in the top and ends, known as checks, are common place in solid wood surfaces. These are not structural concerns and are natural occurrences in the material.
  • Climate change WILL affect the countertop. If it’s not installed correctly it can cause cupping and splitting. A humidifier in the winter months and in dry climates helps tremendously. A 55% humidity level is ideal.
  • Do to the expansion and contraction of wood there are times where the glue joints will have texture. This is not delamination and a natural property of wood countertops.
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