First let’s establish the end goal. If your situation is different you’ll be able to brainstorm a bit to accomplish the same thing.

The End Goal

Solid wood countertops and table tops expand and contract with changes in the relative humidity of its environment. The installation needs to allow this for change. If the top is locked into place it will find a weak spot and crack. So the end goal is to allow some horizontal movement with very little or no vertical movement.

Take a minute and watch the video below.

For simple countertops or table tops just follow the instructions in the video above. If you have a raised bar or other type of installation situation you’ll have to think it out a bit. Figure 8 fasteners can be a great way to mount your top while allowing excellent expansion/contraction movement.

Here’s a YouTube video showing how figure 8 fasteners are installed.

Have An Eat At Overhang?

Extended overhangs need to be supported from both downward pressure and upward pulling which wood tops can do when the relative humidity changes. Typical brackets ARE NOT good enough because they are not designed to resist upward pull, just downward force. We offer in-counter steel support for island tops with eat at overhangs. For bar tops Centerline Brackets are a great option. In most situations their standard bracket is fine with a 36″ spread between brackets. They have many options though and one will fit your project. All of their brackets are customizable. NOTE: You will need to request a 1/2″ diameter hole be drilled at the end of the bracket so you can screw the wood top to the bracket.