We get asked all the time how we ship our wood countertops across the country without damage so we thought it would be a good idea to show the process. 

The framework of a wood countertop shipping pallet

First we make the pallet using 2x4's.

The completed shipping pallet

The flooring of a J. Aaron shipping pallet

We then add a protective layer of CDX board to ensure forklift drivers don't accidentally stab the bottom.

Wood countertop resting on its shipping pallet

After adding a layer of 1/2" foam board strips to the top of the CDX board we set the wood countertop in place.

The wood countertop is packaged and protected for its trip

A wood frame work is added around the top along with protective foam before the lid is closed.

Fully crated and ready to ship wood countertop

A CDX wood top is added and steel strapped down. It's a very durable and cost effective way of creating our wood tops.

On top of doing a good job packaging the wood top all of our tops ship with 3rd party insurance so they are fully protected during their voyage.