In this time of constricted budgets we find that many homeowners and trade professionals alike want to know how much a wood countertop or butcher block costs when compared to stone or other material. The simple answer is, it can vary.

That's a very frustrating answer to a straightforward question, we know. For example if you asked your mechanic how much to fix my car with no other information it would be difficult to estimate because there are so many variables to consider. The best way to find out is to call us at 866-583-4200 or go to our Get A Quote page and fill out the short form. We're usually very quick to turn your quote around and then you'll know exactly where you stand.

Ways to save money when ordering a wood countertop.

  • We offer three types of wood countertops and butcher blocks. To save some money the DIY and blank slab options are going to be the way to go.  
    1. Fully finished - Most expensive. This, like the name implies, is fully finished and ready to be installed. 
    2. Do It Yourself - Mid range. This is a fully cut out countertop with all holes and shapes cut but you'll need to do some finish sanding and sealing work. 
    3. Blank Slabs - Least expensive. These are blank slabs that need to be cut to size, finish sanded, then sealed. Great for a cabinet shop or handy husband.