Wood countertops are a premium choice in the kitchen. They cost a bit more than many other materials and they're well worth it just for their basic qualities of warmth, durability and classic good looks. And you can have them customized to your specific needs.

The most common options are drain boards, trivets, knife slots, drop holes and electrical grommets. All are extremely useful and add functionality where you really need it.

Wood drainboard.

The right sealer makes the wood drain board impervious to water.

Wood drain board.

One side or both as you prefer.

Trivets are often incorporated into wood countertops to make a convenient spot to set a hot pot or pan. Made of stainless steel they don't rust or discolor and are a good idea near the cook top.

Spot trivet neat stove in wood countertop.

Some trivets are in the form of round "buttons."

Steel trivets.

Linear trivets are a nice feature in an end grain countertop.


Knife slots can be included where ever the cook needs them. Simple and utilitarian, they are one of the handiest things in the kitchen.

Knife slots in a wood countertop.

A knife stored safely but always within reach is a real time saver. Notice the drop hole next to the slots.

When all those veggies are cleaned the debris can be swept cleanly into the drop hole. Usually these openings in the wood countertop are provided with a lid so the odd set of car keys or reading glasses don't end up in the potato peelings.  A variety of containers can be installed under the counter to receive the bits and pieces and be emptied later.

Another handy opening is a grommet to allow for electric cords. Some are as basic as holes in the countertop while others pop up with standard and USB cable plugs to accommodate all your gadgets.

Pop Up USB Hub

There are doubtlessly more ideas to apply to wood countertops. Probably about as many as there are cooks. Whatever little tweak you'd like to incorporate in yours up to you. If you have any ideas we haven't mentioned, let us know and we'll put them in the line up.