It’s a common myth out there that wood can harbor bacteria more so than say a plastic cutting board. It’s been shown that many woods are actually hostile environments for bacteria and can be naturally antibacterial. But let’s use a commercial butchers shop as a real world example. They have to pass frequent and strict tests to maintain operations and they almost exclusively use wood as their surface of choice. It doesn’t dull their knives and is easy to clean. This New York Times article from 1996 goes over it in more detail.

How to safely disinfect wood surfaces

As an extra precaution clean cutting surfaces with a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. It will kill anything left on or in the wood, it’s safe and it’s cheap.

So don't let an old wives tale talk you out of looking at wood countertops for your kitchen. They are safe and easy to maintain. 

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