Do It Yourself Wood Countertops

Cherry penninsula top

Actual customer project. Check out the full blog post here.

By ordering a DIY “do it yourself” wood countertop your ordering a custom J. Aaron countertop with all the same options available for our standard wood counters but the finish sanding and sealing is done by you. You’ll save big and you’ll have a great DIY home project you can enjoy with friends and family.

  • We cut it to size.
  • We cut your sink and/or range cutouts.
  • We cut the edge profile.
  • We do everything but finish sand it and seal it.


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Hi Josh: Been really busy but wanted to drop and quick note to you regarding the unbelievably gorgeous countertop that you built for us. That was the heaviest thing I've ever lifted but we got it trimmed and installed Saturday. We have been admiring it ever since!! My kids are just thrilled and Dad is a hero for taking on the project and doing away with their beloved dining room! Couldn't be happier. I'll write a review on your site and have a couple questions for you regarding caring for this work of art. More later. Thanks!!! P.S.-- I am glad you suggested the hickory...beautiful.
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