DIY Wood Countertops

Custom DIY wood countertop from an actual project

Actual customer project. Check out the full blog post here.

By ordering a DIY wood countertop your ordering a custom J. Aaron countertop with all the same options available on our fully finished wood counters but the finish sanding and sealing is done by you. You’ll save big and you’ll have a great DIY home project you can enjoy with friends and family.

  • We cut it to size.
  • We cut your sink and/or range cutouts.
  • We cut the edge profile.
  • We do everything but finish sand it and seal it.

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Hi Josh: Been really busy but wanted to drop and quick note to you regarding the unbelievably gorgeous countertop that you built for us. That was the heaviest thing I've ever lifted but we got it trimmed and installed Saturday. We have been admiring it ever since!! My kids are just thrilled and Dad is a hero for taking on the project and doing away with their beloved dining room! Couldn't be happier. I'll write a review on your site and have a couple questions for you regarding caring for this work of art. More later. Thanks!!! P.S.-- I am glad you suggested the hickory...beautiful.

Supporting Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are growing in popularity. They offer durability, beauty and function but they do require a slightly different approach to support than stone and other solid surfaces. Being an organic material, solid hardwood continues to react to changes in temperature and humidity long after the trees are harvested and the lumber transformed into the final product. Wood is most comfortable in about the same environment we prefer. A relatively constant temperature and a humidity level of around 45 to 55 percent is great for people and their countertops.Principles Of Wood Countertop Support DesignWith this information in hand we need to do some [...]

Advanced DIY Wood Island Top

Don't let the shapes shake your confidence. You want that gorgeous wood top on your kitchen island. You won't settle for a plain and simple slab no matter how lovely it may be in another person's home. You want a graceful curve and richly carved edge detail. You want that so special color that compliments your grandmother's china cabinet. And you want a lovely big farmhouse sink in your island. No problem, you can do it. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to do a great DIY kitchen island top. Nor do you have to settle for a [...]

First Time DIY Wood Countertop

If you're drooling over kitchens on Pinterest or HGTV but aren't into the prices for high end components you're in good company. Websites and how-to shows have done a lot to re-invent the do-it-yourself mind set. Your first effort probably won't be featured in Architectural Digest but you'll enjoy the work and appreciate the object every time you use it.  Not only is DIY a way to save money but it pays an extra dividend in the satisfaction of accomplishing something worthwhile with your own labor. A small island that didn't break the bank is a good starting point. This [...]

Distressing Your DIY Wood Countertop Like a Pro

Distressing adds a wealth of character to a wood countertop. It's important to look at the top and visualize where wear and tear would likely have been the heaviest during the imaginary previous years in the life of your countertop. If it's a small surface the wear pattern may well be fairly even across the top. Larger countertops typically show more "character," near the edges where people would have dropped heavy things or caused nicks and dings down through the years. Maybe a careless toss of a heavy key ring or the slip of a paring knife. Possibly a crate [...]

Sealing Ikea Wood Countertops

Ikea wood countertops can be sealed just like any other wood countertop. There are some general questions you should ask yourself before determining how to seal them. Do you want to chop on the countertop like you would a cutting board? Do you want to use it as a work surface but without direct chopping? Will there be a sink in the countertop? Do you want to stain the tops to change the color? By answering these questions you'll determine the type of sealer to use. Let's go through the sealer options first. Howard Brand Butcher Block Wax Pro: 100% food grade [...]

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