A great DIY wood countertop project from a good customer in New Hampshire. We're glad we could be of service.

Hi Joshua, Thought you would enjoy the cherry top you sent me now that it is in it's final resting place. We're getting lots of compliments on how beautiful a transition it makes from the kitchen to the dining room. It is finished in Minwax Red Chestnut stain with 6 coats of Minwax satin polyurethane. Sanded between coats down to 320 grit wet. Just as smooth as my car fenders!!! Thanks for being part of the project. Regards,
Cherry penninsula top

The top getting its finish sand. It looks like Chris was sanding the edge profile here. That has to be done by hand but the top is usually sanded with a random orbit sander. The wood Chris is working with is Cherry.

Cherry penninsula top

Here Chris has added a Minwax stain to his top to deepen the color.

Cherry penninsula top

This is the final product, a beautiful cherry peninsula countertop that will last a life time.

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