The sleek linear look of a plank grain wood countertop is perfect for most kitchen applications but another option is adding planks at a right angles across the ends. These additions are called “breadboard ends.”

We add this element to the construction of the countertop by using a pegging method to insure strength and durability. Hardwood pegs or “dominos” are inserted and glued into the corresponding holes in the end grain of the countertop’s main body and the edge grain of the board used to form the end. This hides all end grain from view and gives the finished top a different architectural feel. Breadboard ends can be done on one or both ends of a counter or island top as the designer chooses. We find they’re popular on table tops and islands that are used primarily for serving. It’s all a matter of taste as these tops are as structurally sound as any other style of fabrication.

This construction method can be used with all kinds of hardwood. The exception is that all the wood involved must be of the same species to insure uniform expansion and shrinkage in different temperatures and humidities.

Breadboard ends look great in lots of decors. We see them used in everything from the cutting edge modern to kitchens reflecting an old world charm. If there weren’t enough options in picking a countertop design before, here’s another decision to make. After all, choosing the elements to create YOUR perfect kitchen is about as much fun as we’re legally allowed to have.