Wood countertop options can overwhelm people at first glance. Wood species, thickness, construction styles, edge profiles, finish, textures, knife slots or no knife slots!

Let's take it one piece at a time and have some fun. 

Wood Countertop Construction Style Options

Because there are no boards in the world wide enough to make a wood countertop out of just one board we use several boards glued together to make up the width. There are two ways we do it, each with its own look. See all of our wood countertop construction styles--->

Wood Countertop Sealer Options

There are two sealer options available for our wood countertops. They both do a great job of sealing the wood but in different ways and each with a different look and feel. Learn all about it by visiting our wood countertop sealers page.

We also have a blog post on the subject.

Wood Countertop Edge Profiles

All countertops have visible edges and we offer several choices for you, the designer, to pick from. Square and simple, large and ornate or just something to add a little detail. See all of our wood countertop edge profiles--->

Wood Countertop Thickness Options 

Our standard wood countertops are 1-5/8" thick. That's about 3/8" thicker than most stone slabs. If you're looking for something else our fully custom line is available in a multitude of thickness options. 

Wood Countertop Slab Size Options

There really isn't a limit on the width, just the ability to get it on a truck or in your home. Length on our standard countertop line maxes out at 145" without a seam. If a top is longer than 145" we will work with you to design a nice way to seam the two tops together even adding interest to the design. We've done giant dovetail joints, "S" curve joints, angled joints and more. If a seam just isn't going to work our fully custom line can go much longer. Typically 16' is approximately the maximum but all that can be discussed during the design stage. 

That's it for the core wood countertop options. Now that's done you can start thinking about extra features like textures, custom colors and in-countertop options. Have fun and let us know if you need any help.