Hidden Countertop Support

Wood countertops can be great for kitchen islands or peninsula style countertops with eat at overhangs of 12" or more. Don't let corbels, legs or other form of visible support get in the way. Now there are solutions for this age old design issue. Option one is we can under route 2" x 1" "U" channel steel bars into the bottom of the countertop giving it all the support it'll ever need. It is flush with the bottom of the countertop and visible only when looking up at the bottom of the wood top from underneath. When designing your support keep in mind that our under routed steel bars are not designed to support the countertop as a whole, just an extended eat at overhang. The majority of the top needs to be screwed down. An example would be a kitchen island with a 12"-14" overhang but 25"+ is screwed down to cabinets.

Under routed steel bars added to a kitchen island top to support an eat at overhang.

Option two is to use hidden brackets by a company like CenterlineBrackets. We've used their products and are happy to recommend them. They are good to use if supporting an eat at overhang on an island top or a bar top on a knee wall where the majority of the top is overhanging its support.

Hidden countertop brackets

Hidden countertop brackets

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