Is It A Good Idea To Have A Sink In A Wood Countertop?

It’s a long passed down myth that wood and water don’t mix but that’s just not the case especially when you design a wood product specifically to work hand in hand with water. J. Aaron wood countertops are made using highly water resistant wood glues (type 1 for you tech folks out there) then sealed with world class wood sealers. There’s absolutely no reason not to put a sink in one of our wood tops.

How Does A Wood Glue Make It Type 1 Classification

It’s a pretty difficult test actually. Gene Wengert summed it up in a blog post at Woodworking Network.

“They make some birch plywood with three plies using their adhesive for gluing the veneers together. After curing the adhesive fully, for Type 1 testing, the sample of 1 x 3 inches is boiled in water for four hours, then dried at 145F for 20 hours, then boiled for four more hours and then cooled immediately and tested wet for bond strength using a shear test.”(Wengert, 2018, para. 3)

I doubt most people will be doing that to their countertops but you get the picture that wood and water are a good match. 

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