Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Reclaimed wood with all it's character is a great choice for table tops as well as kitchen counters. This oversized table of 3 inch thick reclaimed heart pine is a great example. Reclaimed [...]

Supporting Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are growing in popularity. They offer durability, beauty and function but they do require a slightly different approach to support than stone and other solid surfaces. Being an organic material, solid hardwood continues [...]

Using Wooden Countertops in Loft Kitchens

Sure, it's industrial but this loft kitchen is functional and so inviting it simply begs to be the center of entertaining a crowd. Lots of us live in industrial spaces that have been [...]

Wood Counters And Small Kitchens

Clever use of every inch in this unusual shaped space and the use of wood counters makes every inch count as versatile and functional. Not everyone can accommodate an kitchen island large enough [...]

Using Wood Vanity Tops With All Types Of Sinks

Wood and water, what a great combination. Lots of people have concerns about the compatibility of these two but as we've said in this blog before, the secret is the sealer. Do the job right [...]

DIY Wood Countertop Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes are as easy to avoid as they are to make.

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