Kitchen island with sink.

Don’t let complex shapes shake your confidence. They’re really no harder than square shapes.

You want that gorgeous wood top on your kitchen island. You won’t settle for a plain and simple slab no matter how lovely it may be in another person’s home. You want a graceful curve and richly carved edge detail. You want that so special color that compliments your grandmother’s china cabinet. And you want a lovely big farmhouse sink in your island. No problem, you can do it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do a great DIY wood countertop. Nor do you have to settle for a thin bland slab from a big box store. J. Aaron offers a unique option to meet you halfway.

Now we’re going to go a step further than we did in this earlier post. This time we’ll add a more complex edge profile and a sink opening. It’s not much more difficult than a simple slab. Just more layers of detail. One step at a time gets you to the goal.

Wood countertop with sink.

Sink and range cutouts are done at J. Aaron’s facility before the top is sent to you. No cutting required by you.

There is one point I should make at this time. While other companies sell DIY slabs, I don’t know of another that offers so many options. At J. Aaron we will cut your custom shape, add the profile of your choice and do any sink or range cutouts you may need. It’s not as cheap as a plain slab, but neither is it as expensive as a fully finished top and the opportunity to make it unique is a big plus. A bit of sanding and finishing will save significant dollars and give you bragging rights to a spectacular DIY accomplishment. When people ask, you don’t need to explain exactly how much of the work you did yourself.

Sanding A Decorative Edge Profile

This is one of the fun design options you can use to put your personal stamp on the top. Though sanding a fancy edge profile takes a little longer, there’s no mystery to doing a good job. Just fold the sandpaper to fit into the recesses of the design and sand each curve/concave individually all the way around the top. Don’t sand the profile as a whole. That will reduce the definition of the shape.

Sanding a wood profile.

This is how NOT to do it. Take time to sand each face of the profile separately or the definition will be lost.

Sanding a wood profile.

Fold a sharp crease in the sand paper to do the sharp recesses.

Sanding a wood profile.

Gentler curves in the sandpaper for the gentler cuts of the profile.

The top surface will be sanded to 200 grit before we ship it but the edge profile will not be sanded at all. You’ll need to take it to 150 grit for polyurethane tops and 220-280 grit if sealing with monocoat, tung oil or mineral oil. Those numbers indicate the roughness of the sandpaper. The higher the number the smoother the job. Start with 120 grit then 150 then 220.

Measuring For A Sink Cutout

This is really very easy. Don’t worry anything about where the sink opening starts or stops. The only measurement we need is where the center of the sink is locate. This can be from the right side or the left or both.

The Sink Cutout

How do we know what size and shape to cut for that sink opening,  you ask? Easy. You send us the manufacturer’s name and the model number of the sink. Most makers keep an online file that we can download and feed to our machines to make the cut. The best company for this is Kohler hands down. Save yourself a lot of trouble and just buy one of theirs.

The Faucet Holes

For this we just need the brand and model numbers of the faucet, soap dispenser, garbage disposal button etc. that you’d like mounted around your sink. That will tell us all the info we need. 

Wood countertop with sink.

So, there you have it. It’s not hard or scary and it does save money while adding a notch to you DIY bragging post. Not bad for a few hours work. It’ll be fun to pat yourself on the back as you have your morning coffee sitting at your gorgeous wood island top. To quote a big name in DIY, “It’s a very good thing.”

If you’ve not read this post on DIY wood countertop mistakes to avoid please do so. It’s we worth the time. 

Wood kitchen island top with a sink.

This top is easy once the slab is cut to shape. You can do something just like this in few hours if you start with a J. Aaron DIY wood top.