Our Vision

To create beautiful products that our customers love waking up to.

Our Core Values - The benchmark to compare our actions against

  • Pay attention to the details, they are what makes high-end high-end. A lot of companies can make a flat wood surface but we go the extra mile to ensure eased edges are consistent, rounded over corners are smooth, and the surfaces are baby butt soft.
  • Do good for your teammates, the customer and the next generation. Much of people’s lives are spent at work so make it a good place to be.
  • Don’t cause harm. Damage to equipment, poor material use, etc. directly affects everyone's life and the life of their families. Wages, benefits, work facility upgrades are all affected in the long run.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Always ask yourself can this task be more enjoyable, easier, faster or produce a better product.
  • If you’re a lost soul wandering the earth and don’t know what to do clean! Clean anything and everything.
  • Common sense is genius’s smarter brother. Use it in everything we do.

What We Do

We make high end custom wood countertops and table tops with an emphasis on value. 

Our Mission

People love wood. They love the feel of it and the look of it. We’re going to refine those characteristics so when a person puts their first cup of coffee down in the morning they want to touch the surface, even if they’ve had it for years. It must be luxurious whether it’s distressed or smooth. They must LOVE it. 

We're going to make it durable so it can survive harsh day to day kitchen use.

Finally we’re going to make it easy to maintain.