Wood  kitchen countertops from Ikea are a good choice for a small project where cost is a prevailing concern. If you’re a first time DIY-er they offer a  budget friendly way to get your  initiation into home improvement. Because the largest size offered is 73 ¾” x 39 ⅜”,  your scope is fairly limited in terms of square footage. Additionally, the thickness of all the wood countertop blanks is 1 ½ “ which may or may not  be the look you’re hoping to achieve.

All Ikea wood countertops are constructed using short pieces of wood giving the surface a rather busy look. This construction method is structurally sound so don’t hesitate on that score. The limited species available all rate about midway along the Janka scale, a hardness rating used for wood species. This should be perfectly acceptable for any ordinary residential kitchen countertop use. Another plus is that these countertop blanks are usually in stock so you can get started right away.

Ikea's wood countertop

Ikea’s wood countertop

As good as Ikea countertop blanks are there are times when they just aren’t the right choice for certain applications.

What if you want an island or bar top that’s too large to be done with the sizes Ikea has to offer. Or, you may have your heart set on a wood species they don’t have? A beautiful router cut edge profile gives a lot of visual impact as does a thicker countertop.  Details can be powerful.

We have developed a system that allows you to save a lot of money while having the high end look of custom edge profiles, sink cutouts pre-cut that may be a little challenging for a new DIY enthusiast and a wide range of wood species and construction methods to choose from.

So what’s left for you to do? Here’s where the savings come in. It will come planed flat both top and bottom and cut to final size but it’s up to you to finish sand and seal the countertop you choose. Obviously, you do the actual installation which is simple enough for even the rank amateur (see video below). J. Aaron will also provide the information you need to do a professional quality job.

Installing A Wood Countertop from Joshua Johnson on Vimeo.

If you do opt for J. Aaron wood kitchen countertops you’ll have lots of decisions to make. Wood species, edge profiles and thickness are the first considerations, but there’s more. As with full custom countertops, you have the choice of plank construction which uses the widest dimension of the board and shows off the grain of the wood to its best advantage. This is the most economical  but you can opt for the end grain or edge grain which means the wood pieces are laminated together to show these aspects. Because these are more labor intensive and require more wood the price goes up. Our Design Options go over them in detail.

Everybody likes to save money and lots of us love to roll up our sleeves and get hands-on with our home improvement projects. Wood countertops are a classic choice to add beauty and warmth to any style of kitchen. But, it’s an investment and can be a little intimidating.

So here’s the breakdown on two great options.

Ikea offers low cost wood countertop blanks that you save big on by using one of the limited wood species they offer and doing all the cuts yourself. The down side here is that you’re on your own with those cuts which MUST be accurate and there are no profiles or other custom touches offered to give your countertop that high end look.


J. Aaron sands the DIY top to 100 grit and the final sanding is up to the customer.

J. Aaron wood countertops cost more at the front end but you have the choices of different wood species, sizes and construction upgrades like custom profiles and fabrications. With this option you can be assured of the accuracy of the cuts both for the shape and any sink cutouts.This offers peace of mind and may be a money saver in the end as it means you won’t need any power tools and the chance of a mistake is eliminated. On the negative side here, it will cost a bit more and you will have to order your countertop and allow time for it to be made.

Either way, a wood kitchen countertop will add both beauty and value to your kitchen. There’s a lot satisfaction in using your own skill and elbow grease to make a significant improvement to the place you call home. Good luck with all your DIY.

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