Using a DIY wood countertop from J. Aaron will help you create a high-end wood countertop, bathroom vanity top or kitchen island top for a fraction of the cost of a fully finished countertop.

What is a DIY wood countertop?

It’s the same custom countertop J. Aaron always makes with the same options available. All the cutouts (sink and/or range) are pre-cut and the faucet holes are pre-drilled. Your contribution of finish sanding, sealing and installation completes the project and puts a dramatic hand made wood countertop in your home.

See an example of a actual customer project.

The Finishing Process


  1. The countertop comes flat and sanded to 80 grit. You’ll need to use a random orbit sander to finish sand the surface and sides with 120 sand paper. Go on up to 180 grit if your countertop will be used for chopping on.
  2. If you’ve ordered a top with a decorative edge profile you’ll use the same 120 grit sand paper to hand sand that. Take it easy on this as you don’t want to alter the angles of the profile.


  • For this we recommend the Monocoat 2C wood sealer. Very easy to apply and offers excellent protection. Just follow the manufacturer’s application instructions for a great finish. Be sure to seal both top and bottom.
  • With butcher block countertops designed for chopping, finish with butcher block wax or mineral oil. Sanding to 180 grit will give you a smoother finish.
  • If you’re going to be staining your countertop just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Minwax wood stains work well, but we like Zar brand polyurethane for the topcoat. They have a great project guide on their website. Use their interior products, not the exterior unless you’re putting the countertop in an outdoor environment. Again be sure to seal both top and bottom.

 Measuring & Installing Your DIY Countertop

Installing A Wood Countertop from Joshua Johnson on Vimeo.