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At J. Aaron we love all animals and will deduct your ASPCA donation of up to $200 from your order!

Why J. Aaron Butcher Blocks & Wood Countertops?

Our Company

  • This is all we’ve done for 15 years so we’re very good at it.

  • We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the most sophisticated equipment available to ensure a perfect product.

  • We’ll be here long into the future to honor our warranty.

  • We offer a 30 day return guarantee. Ask your local guy to match that.

  • We have a very good network of dealers and installers.

  • We offer a superior product at a very fair price.

Our Products Are:

  • Sealed to protect them against water and other common household liquids.

  • Safe for food contact.

  • Fine for use with an undermount sink and around kitchen ranges.

  • Naturally antibacterial.

  • Available with zero maintenance or zero VOC “GREEN” sealer options.

  • 100% made in the USA.

Design Options

New To Wood Countertops?

If you’re a newbie don’t get overwhelmed.
Start by reviewing the options available. You’ll be a pro in 4 easy steps.

Design Options